Think about your underwear !!

Our underwear is located closer to sensitive areas of our bodies. As such, they unfortunately represent important sources of exposure to all kinds of toxic substances due to the nature of the raw materials and to various treatments on the production line of our lingerie. That’s why you have to Think about your underwear !! and you have to be aware of what you are wearing.

Underwear can be a source of danger !!

Did you know that the majority of our underwear contains traces of toxic substances, pesticides, bleaching agents, chemical dyes, fixatives, finishing products… But the most problematic toxins in clothing textiles are NPEs (nonylphenol ethoxylates), substances that degrade rapidly into single nonylphenols (NP). The latter are strongly suspected of being endocrine disruptors, toxic to human and animal reproduction. They are also a deadly poison for aquatic creatures. Phthalates are also present in many clothes, sometimes in abnormal quantities; these are the cause of hormonal disorders, and the known carcinogens. Finally, certain types of fabrics are found to be of concern for heavy metals. And since our most absorbing organs (the skin, the mucous membranes) are exposed daily as soon as we dress, our health is in danger.

In addition, these substances are also dangerous on a larger scale: their diffusion into the environment during production or during machine washing contributes to contaminate aquatic environments and their inhabitants … which eventually pollute us again in return.

Trust in Do You Green!!

Fortunately, organic underwear made of cotton or other organic fiber fabrics guarantees a complete absence of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. That’s why we are sure that opting for organic underwear is better for our well-being and for the environment. Don’t hesitate to choose your organic lingerie. We offer the French lingerie range Do You Green. It offers for you a range of varied and seductive organic lingerie. Visit our site you will find your need! Our best designers want to make you well satisfied by their matches between designs, the organic fabric!

Their are never like the others underwear! our lingerie are made by a France organic fabric incoming from pin trees! a soft fabric unique made in France ! with 0% carcinogenics substances with the best properties of pin : transpiration and it is surely anti-allergic. Do You Green care about your health and our environment!